Flightradar24.com parser

Current version: 0.9 (2012-12-22)
This program could help you to collect reaal trajectories data from FlightRadar24.com
Key features:
  • Download plane's trajectories for selected region (Europe only or whole world)
  • Recognize trajectories, separate them to distinct files
  • Filter trajectories by these criteria:
  • Distance from first trajectory point to departure airport/from last trajectory point to arrival airport must be less than selected value (default is 100 km)
  • Zigzags lines - which appear, because of the inaccuracy of the data from radars (angle between 3 points must be less than 170 degrees by default)
  • Altitude difference, which should be less than 500 m by default
  • The output of this program for each trajectory is
  • KML file to view trajectory in Google Earth
  • CSV file - contains all data for a flight
  • Some kind of a DB import
System requirements:
  • .NET 4.0
  • The more cores of CPU you have - the faster the programm will work. For example, for processing 24 hours data on Intel Core-i7 it takes about 4 hours
  • SSD will be great, because there are lots of temporary files and HDD works slow with them
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